• Use the OneKEY to operate your entire store.
  • Display your automotive merchandise with confidence.
  • Give your staff the tools to focus on customer service.
  • Let your customers interact with your products.
  • Powerful in-store behaviour analytics software.


Enhanced customer experience and product protection


InVue’s secure solutions protect your most valuable merchandise and promote the quick service your customers expect.

The OneKEY is a storewide, unique key solution that empowers employees to better serve customers with single-key access to multiple secured measures, reducing wait times in receiving the merchandise.



Our line-up of innovative solutions encompasses:


Mobile Point of Sale systems for seamless transactions and service anywhere, anytime.

OneKEY Ecosystem gives employees the flexibility to quickly access merchandise while focusing on customer service.

Smart Locks for cabinets and drawers that feature programmable keys so staff can open one or a number of cabinets, and access items quickly.

• StopLoks to protect hanging merchandise.

On-shelf Availability sensors to alert staff when stock is running low.


Comprehensive range of solutions


InVue’s Smart Locks strengthen protection and can even track access to merchandise kept in cabinets and drawers, giving store managers full visibility in staff activity.

Add an extra layer of security and improve efficiency in-store with InVue’s LIVE Locks. These digital locks combine industry-leading security with app-based access control to give associates the ultimate mobility and offer customers quick service, every time.

Hanging solutions are easy to use yet tough to defeat as magnets cannot open them.




Cost-effective solutions that are easy to use, yet protect hanging merchandise and premium accessories from theft.


Our highly secure solutions for hanging merchandise can only be opened with the OneKEY Ecosystem.

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Manage store operations in real-time


Our connected suite of product management hardware and software allows you to tie your security solutions together to gain insight into your operations and track, monitor and manage operations in real-time.

Ensure staff are alerted when stock is running low courtesy of On-Shelf Availability sensors, and never miss a sale.
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ne360t tablet mobile pos

It’s all about empowering staff to better service their clientele in an era where experience and personalisation matter more than ever before.


Our mPOS and tablet stands allow staff to better engage with clients through mobile solutions that enable them to take their devices from the counter to where your customers are in the store.

Enable retail staff to take payments using any device, any software, anywhere. The NE360 mPOS range offers multiple configurations. From a convertible POS centre; a tablet solution, or a handheld alternative to use with smartphones.

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Whether you’re looking for a streamlined yet secure merchandising display for your products, our state-of-the-art solutions are designed with the retail experience in mind.


We’re here to help you meet the new customer expectation with an experience that delights your customers and empowers your staff to provide personalised service.


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