• OneKEY to operate your entire store.
  • Magnet resistant solutions.
  • Perfect for a wide range of products in retail stores.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Monitor and manage store operations in real time.


The grocery sector thrives on convenience but is not immune to retail theft, requiring a careful balance of customer access and product protection.


Our extensive range of product security tools is designed to strike that balance.



 Discreet theft prevention


With purpose-designed solutions for an array of products that shoplifters commonly target, we are dedicated to helping retailers boost their bottom line via discreet theft prevention.

Magnet resistant security solutions available include stop locks, package wraps and safers, along with security tags for commonly stolen items like high-value liquor.

Increased productivity and efficiency in-store


In addition, we offer further security solutions that are designed to increase productivity and efficiency in store.

This includes the OneKEY, a unique electronic key per store, which allows items to be secured across multiple security solutions. Timing out after 12 hours, it eliminates the risk of theft if keys are lost or stolen.

The one simple programmed key can even detect which staff member opened what, giving store managers full visibility.

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Monitor and manage store operations in real time


Meanwhile, On-Shelf Availability Sensors ensure staff are alerted in real-time when a product is running low, and overarching analytics tools like InVue Access Manager offer the ability to track, monitor and manage store operations in real-time, courtesy of a connected hardware and software platform.

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In-store messaging, advertising and pricing


Capture the customer’s attention the moment they walk into your store with digital displays that allow brands to effortlessly manage in-store messaging, advertising and pricing remotely.

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