• Use the OneKEY to operate your entire store.
  • Confidently display your open merchandise.
  • Give staff the tools to focus on customer service.
  • Powerful in-store behaviour analytics software.
  • Increase sales conversions.


Enhanced customer experience


From product security to frictionless transactions, our range of health and beauty retail solutions is designed to enhance the customer experience, while improving the store’s bottom line.

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Comprehensive range of solutions


Our line-up of innovative solutions encompasses:

• Mobile Point of Sale systems for seamless transactions and service anywhere, anytime.

OneKEY Ecosystem gives employees the flexibility to quickly access merchandise while focusing on customer service.

Smart Locks for cabinets and drawers that feature programmable keys so staff can open one or a number of cabinets, and access items quickly.

StopLoks to protect hanging merchandise as well as spider wraps and safers for packaged merchandise.

• Product management softwares that give insights in real-time.


Customer engagement and in-store efficiency


The OneKEY Ecosystem allows staff to access multiple touchpoints such as locks, drawers, spider wraps, safers with one simple programmed key that can even detect which staff member opened what.

Empower staff to provide better service to their customer, with security solutions that offer customer engagement, yet protect products against theft.

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Manage Operations in real-time


Meanwhile, our connected suite of hardware and product management software allow you to tie your security solutions together to gain insight into your operation and track, monitor and manage operations in real-time.

Manage stock levels with On-Shelf Availability sensors that alert staff in real-time when products are running low, so you never miss a sale.

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In-store messaging, advertising and pricing


Capture the customer’s attention the moment they walk into your store with digital displays that allow you to effortlessly manage in-store messaging, advertising and pricing remotely.

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Frictionless payment solutions


Finalise the encounter with frictionless payment solutions like the NE360 mPOS option, which enables retail staff to take payments using any device, any software, anwhere.

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