• Effortless superior service.
  • Assist patrons anywhere, anytime.
  • Empower your staff and maintain security.
  • Solutions easy to deploy.


The hospitality sector thrives on a first-class customer experience, that creates loyal patrons and raving fans.


InVue’s line-up of innovative solutions is designed to assist, courtesy of technology and products that make superior service effortless.



Easy to deploy


From mobile Point of Sale solutions that allow you to assist your patrons anywhere, anytime to check-in with information kiosks, bookings, feedback and more. We free your staff to provide great service thanks to tablet stands solutions that are easy to deploy.

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Empower Staff


Further, empower your staff and maintain security with options like OneKEY, a unique electronic key, that allows employees to secure information and items in lockable cabinets.

The OneKEY also eliminates the risk of theft if keys are lost or stolen, as the key times out after 12 hours.

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Access Manager allows retailers to zone their stores by blocking different levels of staff from accessing certain shelves, cabinets and product displays. The store manager will be notified if an unauthorized staff member attempts to access an area they aren’t authorised for.

The OneKEY Ecosystem enables staff to open the cabinets and drawers that management selects with a key that is programmable and can track who has accessed what area, and when they sought entry.

It’s all about providing the tools that allow your staff to devote their energy to your valued customers.

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Frictionless payment solutions


Finalise the encounter with frictionless payment solutions, like the NE360 mPOS option which enables retail staff to take payments using any device, any software, anywhere.

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