• Use the OneKEY to operate your entire store.
  • Industry-leading security and merchandising solutions.
  • Empower your staff to focus on customer service.
  • Consistent aesthetics make the merchandise stand out.
  • Powerful in-store behaviour analytics software.


Telco retail involves a careful balance between customer engagement, staff knowledge, and theft prevention of high-value items.


Our range of telco solutions is used by some of the biggest brands in Australia and includes secure displays, OneKEY technology, mobile Point of Sale hardware, digital signage, and advanced retail analytics.



Our products range offer solutions for different merchandise and applications:



Showcase the latest technology


InVue’s appealing and interactive product displays offer robust security and protect high-value merchandise such as smartphones, tablets and IoT devices while enhancing the customer experience.



Empower staff with the OneKEY by giving them fast access to merchandise so they can focus on customers.


The OneKEY can also be programmed to open single or multiple cabinets and drawers across the store, giving full visibility of what is happening in the store.

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Connected platform


Gain insight into your operation with a connected platform of hardware and product management software that helps retailers track, monitor, manage store operations and inventory in real-time.



Effortlessly manage in-store advertising with MicroSigns digital signage that can be operated remotely and instantly ensuring messaging consistency across your brand.

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We’re here to help you meet the new customer expectation with an experience that delights your customers and empowers your staff to provide personalised service.