• Universal fixed or portable tablet stand.
  • Integrated Power.
  • Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem.

InVue CT101 is a high-security, universal tablet stand that provides integrated charging and instant mobility.

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Engage Any Audience With InVue’s CT101 Universal Tablet Holder.

High Security

All-metal construction protects the stand from theft and abuse, while providing extra security for tablets.

Integrated charging

In-stand contacts charge tablet when docked to support stand-alone or attended use 24/7.

Instantly mobile

Easily remove tablet for complete mobility and automatically lockdown when redocked.


User Experience

InVue CT101 easily rotates between portrait and landscape orientations. The swivel base (optional) rotates 180° in either direction for enhanced customer engagement.


The CT 101 is available in freestanding, wall, swivel base or adhesive mount option.

Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem

The CT101 is part of the OneKEY Ecosystem, a unique electronic key per store, allowing you to safely open and access merchandise on display ensuring that store associate always has the right key at the right time.

The key times out after a set period, eliminating the risk of theft if keys are lost or stolen.

Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem


A storewide single key security system for high theft merchandise. The OneKEY Ecosystem allows you to safely open and access your high theft merchandise on display and ensures that store associates always have the right key at the right time.