InVue TV Manager

  • Automates the operation of your display TVs.
  • Real-time alerts that reduce downtime.
  • Improves operational accuracy.

InVue TV Manager is a single system that automates the management of all displays across your stores, delivers real-time status alerts and reports on planogram compliance.

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One System to Manage All Your TVs

Fast and Efficient

Free yourself from the manual, labor-intensive process of managing all your TV displays.

Using the LIVE mobile app — operate your display TVs individually or collectively through a single function.

Real-time Alerts

Once TV Manager is installed, its sensor automatically detects the TVs make and model. Get real-time notifications on display status as well as receiving reporting on planogram compliance.

TV Manager also alerts you when power loss is detected and restarts all your displays when the power returns.

Accurate Data

InVue TV Manager addresses operational efficiencies and employee productivity by removing manual processes.

Retailers and brands can have peace of mind that their devices are displayed in the right place and turned on at the right time.

About InVue Live


Tv Manager is part of InVue LIVE, a connected platform of products that help retailers track, monitor and manage store operations in real-time. With a suite of hardware and software solutions across Merchandising, Access Control, Security and Operations, LIVE is the single source for retailers to gain in-store visibility across their estate.