LIVE Locks

  • Secure access in a single tap.
  • Real-time control and actionable insights.
  • Part of InVue LIVE and the OneKEY Ecosystem.

Quick customer service has never been so easy. InVue’s digital smart locks combine industry-leading security with app-based access control to give associates the ultimate mobility and offer customers quick service, every time.

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live-locks-smart locks
A Lock for Anything, at Any Time

Choose from multiple lock styles and unlocking methods for every cabinet door or drawer.

Quick Customer Service

From many keys to one key, and now with a mobile device.
LIVE Locks is the quickest way to give secure access to locked merchandise in a single tap.

Fast and Easy Installation

Using a mobile device, OneKEY, LIVE locks require no local wiring and sets up instantly.

Easy to Use

Simply open the app, tap the device to lock and unlock.

Auto Relock

Using the auto relock feature once the door is lashed, LIVE Locks will automatically relock so items remain secure.

Part of InVue LIVE

Using the admin portal, managers can zone permissions by users, department,s or single installations, and audit activity and unauthorised attempts all in real-time.

Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem

LIVE Locks is part of the OneKEY Ecosystem, a unique electronic key per store, allowing you to safely open and access merchandise on display, ensuring that store associate always has the right key at the right time.

Secure access in a single tap


LIVE Locks is

Part of InVue Live platform


LIVE OnePOD is part of InVue LIVE – the connected enterprise platform built for everyday activities across Merchandising, Security, Access Control, and Operations.



LIVE Locks is

Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem


A storewide single key security system for high theft merchandise. The OneKEY Ecosystem allows you to safely open and access your high theft merchandise on display and ensures that store associates always have the right key at the right time.