• Ultra low profile sensor.
  • Optimal customer experience.
  • Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem.

InVue Series 855V is a streamlined vertical display solution with ultra-low profile sensors that protects handhelds and tablets, while maintaining a minimal display aesthetic.

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Vertical Display

InVue S855V offers vertical display for both handhelds and tablets ensuring device stability.

Minimal Sensor

The ultra low profile sensors minimise interference for an enhanced customer experience.

Reliable Performance

Consistent charging up to 2.1A ensures displays are always powered.


Three sensor options are available: Micro USB; Type C and Lightning sensor giving you flexibility to display any phones and brands you require.

Easy Night Removal

A 76cm exposed cable disconnects at the stand for easy night approval.

Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem

The S855V is part of the OneKEY Ecosystem, a unique electronic key per store, allowing you to safely open and access merchandise on display ensuring that store associate always have the right key at the right time.

The key times out after 12 hours, eliminating the risk of theft if keys are lost or stolen.

Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem


A storewide single key security system for high theft merchandise. The OneKEY Ecosystem allows you to safely open and access your high theft merchandise on display and ensures that store associates always have the right key at the right time.