• Improved in-store efficiency.
  • Complete visibility of store operations.
  • Manage store operations in real-time.
  • Improved customer experience in-store.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes on-shelf availability sensors (OSA) that eliminate out of stock events by alerting staff when shelf stock is running low, along with digital signage solutions.


“83 per cent of consumers have chosen to leave a store and not make a purchase due to the item they seek being unavailable”

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Product management tools such as TV Manager enable you to automate all displays across your store, delivering real-time status alerts and reports on planogram compliance.


Improved efficiency throughout your enterprise.



At the operations level, InVue LIVE allows retailers to track monitor and manage store activities in real-time, courtesy of a suite of hardware and software solutions across merchandising, access control, security and operations.


Complete visibility of store operations, along with insights that allow you to better manage your operations in real-time.

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